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You wouldn’t want a holiday in my head


It was a spontaneous musing, brought about late one evening, by a discovered mutual appreciation of some noisy rabble or another.

“We should form a punk rock band; totally demented songs, everything under two minutes.”

It’s safe to say that these were not the circumstances that resulted in Snow Patrol.

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Try shaking a box in front of the Queen


Japanese punk pop doesn’t come any better than the pandemonium unleashed by Toquiwa, a female foursome that had already released a series of albums in Japan when indie “legend” David Gedge saw them in Tokyo.

And so the man behind and indeed in front of the Wedding Present and Cinerama did, giving them a support slot on the Wedding Present’s last tour and signing them to his Scopitones label, whereupon they released their self-titled UK debut.

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The bats are in the bell tower, the victims have been bled


Founded in 2008, Eardrums Pop has been one of the most consistently reliable record labels of the past five years, releasing a string of singles and compilations that would enrich anyone’s iTunes. Each release is free and includes artwork that should make many a commercial label squirm with embarrassment.

Take ePop028, the debut release by Sleeping Policemen, a five-piece from Hamburg who make music that, were it visible to the naked eye, would look like ice cream (see the aforementioned artwork).

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