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You’re going on after Crispy Ambulance

Crisps and ambulance

A new year, the same old lackadaisical approach to blogging: if you’ve come here looking for an end-of-year list of best albums or some such thing, leave disappointed. I’ll leave such comprehensiveness to others while completely ignoring the turn of the calendar to bring you a song from 2012.

This is latest release from Deaf Club and the second mention on this blog for a band about whom I know very little, save that they keep making fantastic records. Let’s hope they’ve resolved to continue doing so.

Deaf Club :: Break it Slow

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Slow is certainly the word that springs to mind whenever you think about Low, the American masters of down-tempo minimalism. This is a track from their 2005 offering, The Great Destroyer.

Low :: When I Go Deaf

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Perhaps best known these days for a reference in Half Man Half Biscuit’s Running Order Squabble Fest, this Manchester band with the questionable name flickered briefly on the world’s coolest record label, Factory, despite the reservations of the label’s founder, the late Tony Wilson, who said they had the all-time worst band name of all time. His thoughts on the Arctic Monkeys are not documented.

Crispy Ambulance :: Deaf

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Crispy Ambulance could easily have been the name of a Cocteau Twins track, sitting quite comfortably alongside such wonders as Iceblink Luck, Ella Megalast Burls Forever and Spooning Good Singing Gum. By comparison this track could almost have won a garland from the Plain English Campaign. Originally released on the band’s first LP, Garlands, it was later remastered for the retrospective Stars and Topsoil collection, whence this recording was taken.

Cocteau Twins :: Blind Dumb Deaf

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John Peel once played the entire Cocteau Twins’ 1983 LP, Head Over Heels, over two nights, one continuous side at a time. Those were the days.

Photos: Crisps not Chips by Lynne Hand and HongKong Ambulance by Chris Wong; some rights reserved.

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  1. Nick says:

    “Crispy Ambulance” was the working title for Sterolab’s “Emperor Tomato Ketchup”, which they decided was a slightly less bonkers title. #fakefacts #wordpresshashtags



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