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Gutted. No sooner had I googled¹ the first band in this latest selection of top tunes from 2012 than I discovered that the wonderful Two Wounded Birds had died from their injuries.

Still, in two and a half years they made one very fine LP, which is more than most bands manage in two and a half decades. Certainly few manage to accomplish such a wonderfully eclectic rock ’n’ roll smorgasbord, with a delicious side order of surf guitar.

Two Wounded Birds :: Together Forever

Audio MP3

Two Wounded Birds :: My Lonesome

Audio MP3

I’m in You was the fifth studio album by Peter Frampton, who closes his eyes when playing high notes on his guitar. I’m in You are an unrelated “alternative art rock disco punk post-punk” outfit from Brooklyn who have a bassoonist. But in the highly unlikely circumstances that they ever close their eyes during a solo I’ll delete this paragraph.

I’m in You :: Sure

Audio MP3

Four years ago Wymond Miles, lead guitar player in San Francisco’s The Fresh and Onlys, began writing solo material thematically based on the concepts of eschatology, anthroposophy, and Gnostic and Hermetic symbolism.

No, me neither. But Pseuds’ Corner aside, Under the Pale Moon, is one of this year’s loveliest records and this is its loveliest track.

Wymond Miles :: The Thirst

Audio MP3

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