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Eight reasons why I’m starting to hate iTunes 11

Oh Apple, what have you done? iTunes 11, in its current state, is a mess. You’ve broken my heart.

The “dramatically simplified interface”: hyperbole aside, it’s neither dramatic nor simplified.

Finger fatigue: without the sidebar (which, in an effort not to be a stuck stick-in-the-mud, I’m trying not to use) more clicks are required to accomplish the same task.

Helvetica: crap on older Macs.

Inconsistent shortcuts: command-I, for example, is is broken and no longer does it let you edit a selected smart playlist (another additional click).

Shitty, restricted view options in list view: what, no artwork? How much nicer was iTunes 10 in this regard‽

Up Next: aaaargh!! In its predecessor, iTunes DJ, if I was playing my Unrated playlist and rated a song while it was playing it would continue, as it should, to the end; in Up Next, rating a some removes it instantly from siad playlist, halting playback—and Up Next—in their tracks. Up Next‽ Up Yours.

Search: again, my six-year-old Mac might be the problem here. And at least this can be overridden, restoring iTunes’ 10 filter-based search.

Remote: the new version of the iOS app for remotely controlling iTunes is a retrograde. Where tapping a song once prompted playback options it now plays, interrupting whatever magnificence happens to be pouring through your speakers. “Ah, shite,” you say, “I forgot to press AND hold.”

On the plus side: iTunes 11 has only crashed once so far, Applescripts still work (most of the time), it’s much faster and less liable to play beachball than its predecessor and Wi-Fi back-ups of iOS devices work again.

Nonetheless, I might have to retire this post.


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