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And the cellos kick in and the lights start to flash

The Rosie Taylor Project were born in the small living room of a redbrick Victorian house in Leeds. There is no word of Rosie, but Jonny, Sophie, Nick, Jon, Sam and Shakey have a couple of LPs to their names, including this year’s Twin Beds.

The preceding single will be familiar to regular readers, but the record’s universal excellence justifies further mention for either of its standout tracks.

The Rosie Taylor Project :: Lovers or Something Like It

Audio MP3

Something is, of course, a much-loved, much-covered, George Harrison-penned, Beatles song (google it, kids). It’s also the first word of the title of this paean to Iceland fridge-freezers.

Half Man Half Biscuit :: Something’s Rotten in the Back of Iceland

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The best LP with “something” in the title is Overton Vertis Wright’s Into Something (Can’t Shake Loose), his 1977 debut for Hi-Records which was a largely unsuccessful attempt to revive a career that had recently been blighted by Wright’s ongoing relationship with illegal narcotics. But while it wasn’t a commercial hit, it confirmed, if confirmation were needed, that Wright possessed one of soul music’s finest voices and perhaps its most under-appreciated.

OV Wright :: Into Something (Can’t Shake Loose)

Audio MP3

Incidentally, Mick Hucknall has recently recorded a cover of Wright’s 1964 debut hit, How Strong My Love Is. Avoid it at all costs.

Unlike anything by Ballboy, who are genetically incapable of making bad records and often inclined to making great ones.

Ballboy :: Something Is Going to Happen Soon

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