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Wind-Up Bird

The Wind-Up Birds are from Leeds and make records tinged with a rare mix of intelligence and humour sung in their own vernacular.

Their debut LP, Acting Thick for Money, appeared in 2011 to be followed by this year’s The Land, which confirmed the Birds’ status as probably the best band from Leeds since The Wedding Present.

The Wind-Up Birds :: No People, Just Cutouts

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As titles go, Acting Thick for Money is up with the very worst, but don’t let that put you off a record that’s available at a price of your own choosing.

The Wind-Up Birds :: Escape from New Yorkshire

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Unlikely as it sounds, No People, Just Cutouts is not the only song with the word “cutout” in its title.

Pete Wylie’s Wah! may be best known for their 1982 hit Story of the Blues, but the Liverpool band made their name with their ’81 debut, the mathematically titled Nah!=Poo-The Art of Bluff…

Wah! :: Why D’you Imitate the Cutout?

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…which coincidentally starts with this.

Wah! :: The Wind-Up

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Wylie’s career started with the legendary Crucial Three, alongside Echo, of Bunnymen fame, Ian McCulloch and exploding teardrop Julian Cope. Both went on to chart success and international acclaim, but no-one ever wrote a song about them…

Amsterdam :: God Bless Peter Wylie

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…though Half Man Half Biscuit made a passing reference to the Bunnymen on their first LP, Back in the DHSS.

Half Man Half Biscuit :: Reflections in A Flat

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Photo: Wind-Up Bird by David Goehring; some rights reserved

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