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I love Bandcamp, the music store with full-length previews, where the artist sets the price—or lets the listener set it—and the listener chooses the format. Whether they opt for crappy old MP3 or state-of-the-art lossless AACs, the price is the same. It’s exactly how a digital music store should work and its cut, a maximum 15%, is a lot less than Apple and the record companies take from an equivalent sale on iTunes.

The inestimable Kris Waah is also fan. His excellent Burning World blog is a treasure trove of left field tunes unearthed from the site (and elsewhere). He trawls so we don’t have to, unearthing the likes of Clockwork Era and their “disillusioned post-punk sensibilities that commentate on an imploding society…with vitriol, resentment and anger.” It can only be good.

Clockwork Era :: Fear Inside

Audio MP3

Also on Bandcamp are Murder Mystery, “a band that records music”, which is about all I know about them save that listening to their sole offering to date is a fine way to spend 15 minutes.

Murder Mystery :: Change my Mind

Audio MP3

In contrast, Allo Darlin’s Bandcamp offering is extensive¹, beginning with the band’s 2008 debut and culminating with Europe, their 2012 LP that will certainly be in my end-of-year top 10.

Allo Darlin” :: Still Young

Audio MP3

And before we pack up the tents, so to speak, one last Bandcamp offering. I was going to say that this was the latest from Honey, but since I acquired it the band appears to have changed their name to The Early Morning Satellites. Thankfully they still sound just as good.

The Early Morning Satellites/Honey :: Cape Canaveral

Audio MP3

¹ Regular readers will remember Allo Darlin’s previous appearance on this blog.

Photo: Tuba by Ken Colwell; some rights reserved.

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