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When Nalda Became Punk

When Nalda Became Punk are a Spanish three piece, quite possibly the finest popular beat combo ever to hail from the Iberian peninsula. The band started as the solo project of Elena Sestelo, inspired by artists such as Heavenly, Ash, Helen Love and Belle and Sebastian.

Last year Roberto Cibeira and José Oliveira joined the band in time to record the debut single, which was released last month on vinyl by Pebble Records and digitally through the usual outlets.

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Last chance to turn around

Museum Liner

During a trip to Appenzell in 2009 I took four photos of Museum Liner, the elegant building that houses the art collection of the late Carl August Liner. Designed by Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer and completed in 1998, the museum stands in marked contrast to the painted wooden houses that comprise the heart of this beautiful town at the foot of the Swiss Alps.

Of the four, the least popular — if the number of views is a reliable indicator — is this one, taken as I turned back for one last look. But popularity be damned; it’s one of a handful of personal favourites among the 1,632 photos that I’ve posted, to date, on Flickr.

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A pinch and a punch…

…for the first day of the month¹ and a return to blogland following a self-imposed hiatus. It’s good, at times, to be quiet.

But noisy is equally essential, so let’s start with 2011’s winning song-from-each-year-of-my-life. Decibelles are three women from Grenoble, France, who know how to rock. The LP, Pedro Joko, is available for free and worth every byte of your bandwidth.

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