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Words are not enough

“Post-rock” pioneers Mogwai released their seventh LP in 2011, seventh if you exclude their two movie soundtracks, and as ever if failed to disappoint.

Hardcore Will Never Die is arguably their most diverse record to date — one song even has a full-length lyric — and consequently their most accessible, though the band are never likely to be playing the main stage at Glastonbury on a Saturday evening. This is music to listen to. And it has a song inspired by a drunken encounter with Lionel Ritchie, what’s not to like‽

But this is my favourite track and my third nomination for 2011’s song-from-each-year-of-my-life.

Mogwai :: San Pedro
Removed by the copyright police. Watch the LP sales soar…

Photo: Mogwai (I) by El Humilde Fotero del Pánico; some rights reserved


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