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And so my musical odyssey through the 45 years of my life comes to an end, almost. But before I reveal my final choice, a countdown of numbers 1966 to 2010, cue music….

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1966 Joe Tex :: The Love You Save
1967 OV Wright :: Eight men, four women
1968 The Beatles :: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
1969 Elvis Presley :: In the Ghetto
1970 Neil Young :: Southern Man
1971 Stevie Wonder :: If You Really Love Me
1972 Mel and Tim :: Starting All Over Again
1973 Status Quo :: Roll Over Lay Down
1974 Richard and Linda Thompson :: I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
1975 Millie Jackson :: Loving Arms
1976 Aswad :: Concrete Slaveship
1977 The Clash :: White Riot
1978 Siouxsie and the Banshees :: Overground
1979 The Jam :: Private Hell
1980 The Skids :: Arena
1981 New Order :: Ceremony
1982 Minny Pops :: Secret Story
1983 The Chameleons :: Second Skin
1984 Bernthøler :: My Suitor
1985 New Order :: The Perfect Kiss
1986 Redskins :: Keep On Keepin’ On
1987 The Smiths :: Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
1988 Billy Bragg :: Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards
1989 The Popguns :: Waiting for the Winter
1990 Hooverman :: Stayin’ Alive
1991 Heavenly :: Wrap My Arms Around Him
1992 Nick Cave and Shane MacGowan :: What a Wonderful World
1993 The Boo Radleys :: Upon Ninth and Fairchild
1994 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds :: Do You Love Me? (Part 2)
1995 FSK :: My Funny Valentine
1996 Kenickie :: Come Out 2Nite
1997 The Delgados :: Pull the Wires From the Wall
1998 Cinerama :: Crusoe
1999 Gene :: As Good as it Gets
2000 Hefner :: Don’t Go
2001 Bearsuit :: Hey Charlie, Hey Chuck
2002 Asa Chang and Junray :: Hana
2003 Ballboy :: The Sash My Father Wore
2004 Half Man Half Biscuit :: For What is Chatteris? and The Fall :: Theme From Sparta FC
2005 Misty’s Big Adventure :: The Story of Love
2006 Belle and Sebastian :: Another Sunny Day
2007 Lucky Soul :: The Towering Inferno
2008 The Mountain Goats :: Lovecraft in Brooklyn
2009 Langhorne Slim :: Leaving My Love
2010 The Pains of Being Pure at Heart :: Heart in Your Heartbreak

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2011 — well that’s the thing, it’s still 2011 and who knows what the next six weeks may bring‽ So until the year ends, I’ll bring you a selection of my favourite records of the year, starting with this one from an artist I don’t otherwise care for. The acclaimed Someone Like You left me cold, the best-selling, record-breaking, album likewise, but this is a great single.

Adele :: Rolling in the Deep


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