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If this ain’t love, why does it feel so good?

This was to have been the first post in a new series, the cover art, but I was overtaken by events and popular acclaim (here I maybe exaggerating). So, by way of compensation, here are five covers by one of the masters of re-interpretation, David Gedge.

In both his Wedding Present and Cinerama guises, Gedge has been a prolific remaker of others’ tunes, starting back in 1986 with a cover of Orange Juice’s Felicity. And when, in 1992, the Wedding Present released a single in each month of the year, all 12 b-sides were covers of some accomplishment, now collected with their Gedge-penned a-sides on the Hit Parade LP (available from all good record stores, etc.).

But as regular readers of this blog will know, it is Gedge’s Cinerama recordings that are heard most often on the smithsockstereo. And they contain no shortage of great covers, peaking with this version of a number one smash by Spiller, featuring Sophie Ellis Bextor.

Best cover versions are generally bad songs made good . But to improve on a good or great song is difficult, to take a crowd pleasing dance track — not in itself a bad thing — and turn it into something as monumental as this takes real skill.

Cinerama :: Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)

Audio MP3

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Cinerama also turned their hands to songs by, respectively, Russian one hit wonders Tatu and bittersweet, tragic brother and sister duo The Carpenters, with to equally surprising effect.

Cinerama :: All the Things She Said

Audio MP3

Listen and download [alternative link]

Cinerama :: Yesterday Once More

Audio MP3

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And here’s that Wedding Present version of a William Shatner tune ¹.

The Wedding Present :: Felicity

Audio MP3

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¹ Felicity was written by Orange Juice’s James Kirk.

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