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A song-from-each-year-of-my-life for 1990 provides the opportunity to introduce all and sundry to one of the most brilliantly awful cover versions of all time.

First, some regurgitated Bee Gees from a band whose drummer was my boss in my first ever full-time job. They managed a dozen or so gigs before — utterly remarkably — a record label decided to put out an LP which promptly disappeared almost without trace (I have a copy, if anyone wants to hear it). But had the LP contained the band’s definitive version of a disco classic, it would have sold millions…. Instead the only extant recording is taken from a cassette demo, whose lo-fi seems entirely appropriate.

This is for Reg.

Hooverman :: Stayin’ Alive ⬇ [free]

Audio MP3

As unlikely as it sounds, Hooverman’s probably isn’t the worst, best ever cover of a disco classic. That honour falls to Galactic Symposium (no, me neither) and this slice of genius from 1978. This cut is taken from a recording of a John Peel show some years later.

Galactic Symposium :: YMCA ⬇ [free]

Audio MP3

And in 1993 The Fall released what is definitively the best ever cover of all-time of a disco classic.

The Fall :: Lost in Music

Audio MP3


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