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Day 30 — a song from a year ago

And so the saga ends, and what fun it’s been. Thirty days of top tunes, bar one or two, revealing insights into my deep and complex personality and the phenomenal breadth of my impeccable music taste. Something like that, anyway.

It seems a strange place to stop, choosing a favourite from a year ago. Had I been the author of this list, I think I would have ended with the first day’s pick, my favourite song, having started with my favourite song at the moment (I See a Cloud by Misty’s Big Adventure).

But I wasn’t and having played fast and loose with one or two of the rules along the way I’m going to stick to the script this time.

Who remembers what favourite song was a year ago? I certainly don’t. Thankfully iTunes tells me what added to our music collections in the weeks prior to 18 May 2010 and it includes the second, marvellous LP from Lucky Soul, A Coming of Age. The choice somehow seems apt.

Lucky Soul :: Up in Flames

Audio MP3

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