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Day 28 — a song that makes me feel guilty

At some stage I will return the dozen or so records that I’ve borrowed from friends over the years. Honestly. It’s not that I never meant to give them back, just that time and distance have never made it convenient to do so.

Several of those records are Cocteau Twins EPs, 12-inch releases of Aikea-Guinea, Love’s Easy Tears and Echoes in a Shallow Bay. But perversely it’s a track from none of these that jolts my guilty feelings.

I did at one stage borrow the Tiny Dynamine EP, but I’m pretty sure I returned it, buying my own copy several years later. It contains my favourite Cocteau Twins track and the one which will always remind me that I have some records to return to their rightful owners.

Cocteau Twins :: Pink Orange Red

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