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Day 12 — a song from band I hate

Oh where do I start, the list seems endless, but let’s boil it down to four: Bon Jovi, well, just because; U2, a soft-target but so tedious; ELO, who may have been my first choice had The Becster not said that would be grounds for divorce; and the Rolling Stones.

I just don’t get the Stones — a pub band that just got lucky. I can live with Keith Richards, a genuine talent and a proper rock ’n’ roller, and Charlie Watts, who seems like a bit of a dude. But Jagger, Jesus! What self-respecting rock ’n’ roll star accepts an knighthood? And I’m looking at you too McCartney. Reg Dwight is excused, never having been a proper rock ’n’ roller and because he has been a genuine and positive force for gay rights and AIDS sufferers.

I’ve tried to like the Stones, I’ve even bought LPs, slightly fattening their already over-stuffed pockets, in an attempt to “get” them. But I failed. The song title says it all.

The Rolling Stones :: Turd on the Run

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