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Day 2 — your least favourite song

There are plenty of candidates for this honour, which could have gone to George Michael for his hideous version of New Order’s True Faith, to Culture Club for Karma Chameleon, to Suggs for his desecrations of I’m Only Sleeping and Cecilia, or to anything by Mika.

But there could only ever be one “winner”, a song so awful that even to contemplate typing its name is making me shudder. And there’s no way I’m hosting it on this blog.

Unfortunately, however, YouTube has this doubtlessly awful live version: The Waterboys :: Whole of the Moon.


3 Responses

  1. John says:

    Good (or rather awful) choice. For me it’s Imagine by John Lennon, narrowly pipping American Pie by Don McLean. Iconoclasm in action on my part I suspect.

    I only hear the George Michael version of True Faith quite recently – absolutely horrid.

  2. Jason says:

    The Waterboys were hardly the best band ever, but how you can possibly think that anything by them was worse than anything by Culture Club is a mystery to me. Nice restraint in not mentioning U2, though (that would have been way too predictable!).



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