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Day 13 — a guilty pleasure

I’m a not really sure what a guilty pleasure is, but it seems to boil down to something that isn’t cool, sold well and is frowned on by music critics. I was tempted to go for a bit of Barry Manilow, but most of his records are crap and the handful of half-decent songs only come alive when you see him perform live — that man can sing.

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Day 12 — a song from band I hate

Oh where do I start, the list seems endless, but let’s boil it down to four: Bon Jovi, well, just because; U2, a soft-target but so tedious; ELO, who may have been my first choice had The Becster not said that would be grounds for divorce; and the Rolling Stones.

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Day 11 — a song from my favourite band

I could just repeat day one here, my favourite song from my favourite band.

Instead I’ve picked an almost-as-awesome Joy Division song, taken from 1980’s Closer, my favourite LP ever.

Joy Division :: Twenty Four Hours

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Day 10 — a song that makes me sleep

I don’t generally go to sleep with music on, but if I do then only Frank Sinatra will do.

You can keep My Way and Strangers in the Night, I don’t mean the mobbed-up, past it, sixties Frank, the man who taught Tom Jones the art of shouting in tune.

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Day 9 — a song I can dance to…

…is one with instructions.

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Day 8 — a song I know all the words to

In an alternative universe where karoke machines have decent music, another version of me is singing this in a bar in downtown Tokyo.

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Day 7 — a song that reminds me of a certain event

An easy choice, the first song played at our wedding.

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Day 6 — a song that reminds me of somewhere

At about 7pm on Friday evening, the little car loaded with luggage and camping gear, we left Reading for the 16-hour drive to Visan in northern Provence. As we headed south through Burgundy we got our first sight of the vineyards that would frame our two-week holiday.

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Day 5 — a song that reminds me of someone

This is a song that I will forever associate with my mum.

When we use to get home from school in Hereford, Mum would almost invariably be in the kitchen making tea, with Radio 2 on the wireless. And as far as I recall, David Jacobs or Diddy David Hamilton or Jimmy Young or whoever only ever played two records.

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Day 4 — a song that makes me sad

Now this was difficult. However sad a song might be, there’s a quintessential joy in music that no amount of heartache or melancholy can overwhelm. That disqualifies Joy Division, where the deep sadness in Ian Curtis’s lyrics inspired some of the most beautiful music ever written.

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